92-Year-Old Woman with Dementia Sits Down at Piano, Performs ‘Moonlight Sonata’ from Memory


Many long-term care facilities and nursing homes enforced strict lockdowns to protect their vulnerable clients. That might have kept them from catching COVID, but it made it difficult for their family members to communicate with them.

Elaine Lebar, 92, resides at a community in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

“My mother is almost 93,” Randi Lebar shared on Facebook in late October. “Who knows how much longer she will be around. I left for college when I was 16, and did not spend much time with her as an adult until 2 1/2 years ago when I moved her to live near me.”

“In many ways, her dementia brought us closer and I have valued our time together. Then the pandemic came, and we struggled through Skype and window visits that made no sense to her.”

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