Viral Left-Wing Video Violates Facebook’s Guidelines, Remains Uncensored !


A viral video released Sunday by Cut, a video production company, promoted a slew of racial stereotypes regarding white people on both Facebook and YouTube.

The video, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, very clearly breaks numerous “hate speech” guidelines laid out by both companies, and yet the video remains uncensored.

Throughout the nearly 5-minute-long video, various black individuals were asked the question, “What exactly are white people superior at?”

A wide range of answers was shared by the respondents and, for the first minute or so, they mostly involved humorous cultural stereotypes. Then, around a minute and a half in, the video began to take on a more disturbing tone.

“White people are great at having fun. That’s a function of white supremacy because they just don’t have as many stresses as we do.”


Here are some more statements made in the video on “what white people are superior at” that promote negative racial stereotypes:

“White people are very superior at their privilege and utilizing it”




“Being ignorant”


“Letting their egos control their every move”


“Playing the victim”



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