IT’S OFFICIAL: President Trump Is the Most Popular Sitting President in US History – He Set Record for Most Votes for a President and Most Votes Ever for a Republican …And That’s With Fraud


The Democrats, the Deep State and their foreign accomplices, should have learned an important lesson, if you are going to try and steal an election, choose a President other than the most popular President in history.

We don’t really know at this time how many votes President Trump won in this election.  We do know more fraud occurred in this election than any modern election in history.  But based on the current totals for President Trump, which are likely understated in the millions, this election was the greatest win for any sitting President ever.

In 2016 President Trump won more votes than any Republican in History with 62.2 million votes.  This year the President broke his record for most votes for any Republican in history.

Year Candidate Total Votes
2000 Gore 50,996,039
2000 Bush 50,456,141
2004 Kerry 59,028,109
2004 Bush 62,028,285
2008 Obama 69,491,817
2008 McCain 59,944,939
2012 Obama 65,915,795
2012 Romney 60,933,500
2016 Clinton 64,064,658
2016 Trump 62,186,413
2020 Biden 78,897,830
2020 Trump 73,221,080

President Trump also received more votes than any sitting President ever.

The fact that the Democrats and their Deep State friends then attempted to steal this election from President Trump would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

While Obama went backwards in votes in his second election while enjoying a massive tail wind from the corrupt media, President Trump gained millions of votes over his record setting win in 2016 despite tremendous headwinds from the corrupt media.

The keystone crooks tried to unseat President Trump again.  They again picked the wrong guy to be messing with.

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